New Kindness App.

September 24th, 2014


Please take the time to read the following email/blog written by friends, Nance and Peter from Sausalito.

When I was 19 years old and was asked by a college professor my career aspirations, I said “I want to be a Fairy Godmother and create more joy and delight in the world.”
Fast forward almost 40 years, add a later in life partner, and you have Kindness Acts, our project to spread more kindness and joy in life, by doing simple kind acts.

Inspired by Bob Votruba’s bus,(one we sold our SUV, bought a 1990 Volkswagon Van, named it Bodhi, painted it with slogans around compassion, love and kindness, and have set out to see how many kindnesses and delight acts we can  perform, while encouraging  others to do the same.(

One way we are trying to spread the force of kindness around the world is through our new free app-
‘A Year of Kindness Acts’ for the iPhone / iPad,  released Sept 24th 2014

It is our belief that most people really do want to help each other, but that often we just don’t have the tools on hand  or the ideas don’t come quickly enough to seize the moment (and do something wonderful and unexpected.

So here you are are!! We have done it for you!!! We have gathered together the best kindness acts— the best of what we have done, what has been done for us, the best things our friends have done, and ideas people have shared with us of their favorite kindness acts— and put them together. These ideas are doable, simple and will be sure to spark more ideas of your own.

We are not affiliated with any group, religion or organization, receive no monies, and are self funding at this point.
We are just two folks on the road with a mission to demonstrate our true nature which is kindness, and to help  bring that out in other people.

You can reach us at ,  or415-860-1616

Looking forward  to a world where Kindness Acts without restraint.

Love to all,  nance

A Year of Kindness Acts’ is available  in the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad users.  The app is free and costs only 99 cents to remove ads, which will go to support more  Kindness Acts

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