Its Been Nearly 1000 Days

August 23rd, 2015

November 23, 2013-SANDY HOOK, CT, USA: Nearly one year after Adam Lanza opened fire on a classroom full of students killing 25 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his mother at their home nearby. The town has struggled to reclaim its identity as a quaint New England town. A "Welcome to Sandy Hook" sign of angels hung along highway 34 in Sandy Hook Ct. (Robert Stolarik for JJIE)

The following words are from a hand out sheet I used on my 20 hour plus 6 extra miles ride this past 12/14/12 2nd anniversary ride.

The following words are meant only to inspire you, They are not meant to be mean spirited.

Our hearts were torn two years ago when we heard of the Sandy Hook tragedy. We were all touched to the very core because of the innocence of these first grade children. Many of us wept openly.

We all wish that events like this would never happen.

We all want to see a better world for all children.

It has been nearly 1,000 days!

What have you done to help children in need?

Please use this call to action as a catalyst in your life to bring comfort to a child who may need the loving kindness you can bring to his or her life.

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