Thankful for Friendships Throughout My Life

November 26th, 2015


On this Thanksgiving I look back on all the friendships I am thankful for and look forward to the friendships to come.
My friend Gary Millington is someone I have held in my heart throughout my life. He used to come north to Cleveland, Ohio from Bradenton, Florida to spend a good deal of the summer with his aunt who lived down the street from my boyhood home.
It has been 43 years since I have seen Gary, until yesterday that is. That is the beauty of lifelong friendship, when you can just pick up where you left off decades ago.
Gary and his wife Dorothy invited me into their home to share some memories and thoughts of life over a wonderful meal, lovingly prepared by Dorothy. It certainly won’t be another 43 years before I see him again.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May you have a life filled with wonderful, cherished friendships.

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