Veterans Helping Veterans

November 21st, 2015


People helping people is what life is all about. An individual giving to another individual is a lesson to all involved.
Right from the start, because of its name, I was intrigued with an organization called Veterans Helping Veterans located in Marion County, Ocala, Florida.
Hank Whittier, a marine, founded this organization and is now it’s executive director. They offer all sorts of support for veterans and their families throughout Marion County and beyond. They lend a helping hand to those in need.
During my visit countless phone calls and visitors came through the front door. The need is obviously very great, as is the case across the United States.
In their existing space they are bursting at the seams but the search to find new space will finally come to fruition in the coming months. Several veteran agencies will now be under one roof. Hank Whittier has invited me back to see the new facility next year. He invited me to visit them during one of their events and have me talk to the crowd. What a wonderful honor. Thank you to all veterans for their service to our country. God bless America.

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