Fourth of Five Quotes This Week

December 28th, 2015


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Service and charity to a cause is something we should all make time to do whenever possible. If you care enough about a cause, working to help that cause will bring reward to all those involved, including yourself.
Gandhi was dedicated to serving the people of India by gaining freedoms, improving living conditions and civil rights his life’s work. This was Gandhi’s passion. This is what brought peace for his countrymen and inner peace for himself. Gandhi was the most popular man in all of India, he gained the respect and admiration of it’s people by giving all his efforts to their needs. By having such popularity and admiration, riches beyond belief were his, just for the asking. This wasn’t his value system however. The inner peace Gandhi found, far outweighed the need for material goods in his life. Gandhi’s service to others, was the perfect embodiment of altruism.
One fact that I read, which impressed me the most about Gandhi, came from a children’s book. With all the respect and admiration he gained during the years of service to his country and all of the material riches which were at his disposal, Gandhi chose only to be rich in his heart. The most loved and powerful man in all of India died with very few possessions. His sandals, eyeglasses, sari, plate, bowl, pocket watch and a few other items at the time of his death were valued at $200.
***This fourth of five blogs was posted five years ago. The series had such interest, that I have decided to post them again.

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