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More Press for Bogart

Monday, May 16th, 2016


Whenever you have snowfall in the month of May in Cleveland, Ohio it tends to be big news. Whenever you have Bogart standing next to a mini-snowman in May in Cleveland it is VERY big news.
A local news channel, WKYC posted this photo on their Facebook account and the photo had over 2 million views. There is certainly something to this wonder dog named Bogart.

Mayfield High School

Saturday, May 14th, 2016


One of my favorite stops as I travel the country is to visit Excel TECC open house at Mayfield Heights High School in Ohio. Friend, Rick Zivny instructs his students during the course of the school year in building prototype houses. This year’s theme was tiny houses and the Kindness Bus provided the perfect backdrop and example of a fully functional tiny house. Nearly 300 students and parents were thrilled to learn of the Kindness Bus Tour’s adventure.

Bodhi and Bodhi Jr.

Thursday, May 12th, 2016


Friends, Pete and Nance from Sausalito, California notified me that they would be retiring their kindness van, Bodhi.
The story has a magical ending. Please read:
This is the wonderful story of what happened
Pete put up the ad for Bodhi and had a woman from Seattle got in touch who wanted the van. She was not looking for a ‘Kindness Van’ but just a van. She watched our video and got inspired. Pete was on the phone with her concluding the deal when another woman showed up to look at Bodhi. Pete had already told her it was sold but she wanted to come anyway. She was just looking for a van to camp in. She fell in love with the van and really, really wanted it. Pete took her out driving in it and talked to her about the van . When she came back she was set on getting a van and turning it into a Kindness Van for her and her 2 kids. She called us the next day and asked if she could come by to show the kids the van. Turns out she had found and bought a van that morning. She took all kinds of pictures of the slogans on our van and is going to paint the van with her kids. They committed to doing one year of kindness acts!!!! She has already started a blog ( that day!!!) and delivered the books we gave her as a gift to her kid’s school. She named the van ‘Bodhi JR’ The women who bought the van in Seattle( who originally had no intention of using it as a kindness van) has already lined up friends for her first ‘cookie give-away’ in Seattle. So now, instead of the ‘demise’ of Bodhi, there is a baton being passed twice, with 2 vans that will be spreading the word. So Bob, from your bus to us, and out further it goes…. Pete has the contact info of the local women who is going to create her kindness van with her kids, but I will forward her first blog she sent us.
Love spreads beyond all recognition!!!

Hidden Gems of Cleveland

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016


All throughout Cleveland, Ohio there are hidden gems that don’t get much press or coverage. I love coming across places I’ve never discovered before.
The Museum Of Contemporary Art is in the University Circle area of this city where there is a lot of foot traffic because of the universities, museums and world-class hospitals. I have been here many times previously as this museum is certainly one of the hidden gems of Cleveland

Guest Riders

Sunday, May 8th, 2016


My sister Mary Jane gave me a great idea the other day. She suggested that every now and then I should have a guest rider for the Kindness Bicycle. I am certainly open to that idea but Mary Jane informed me that she would not be one of those guest riders.

Garden Gratitude

Friday, May 6th, 2016


As I travel the country and ride on the Kindness Bicycle, I am treated to the beauty of many gardens and landscaping. One of my favorite things to do is to thank those who have taken the time to do such a great job by presenting them a small plaque.
Take time out of your day to start noticing the beauty others have chosen to share with us.

Coming Soon

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016


Bogart’s 2nd book will soon be in print. The illustrator has nearly completed all of the drawings and it soon will be headed to the printer. This book, which teaches the importance of forging lifetime friendships, will be a big hit with all of us I’m sure.
Stay tuned please.