Open Your Heart

January 28th, 2017


One of the parts of my programs for students is a folded up heart. It begins by revealing only one face and as I read the following poem, I unfold the piece of paper to reveal the heart. I talk with students about being the one person who starts a chain reaction to cause all the other faces on the heart to smile because of their kind acts.
It starts with one person, the kind acts that you do. When spread to another, it then becomes two. Two becomes four and four becomes eight. To show all your kindness to everyone, you never should wait. Being kind to each other, when done every day, will make people happy, it might just be something you say. So only do kind things, for family and friends. And for those you don’t know, don’t ever let your kindness end. A whole world sharing kindness, we can all do our part. Because it can spread across the world, when it comes from your heart.

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