Sioux Falls, South Dakota

July 22nd, 2010

7-22The Kindness Tour has the honor of being a part of the Minn-Kota Festival for World Relief this upcoming weekend. Bogart and The Kindness Bus remained behind as I flew to Sioux Falls. The Red Carpet treatment is in full effect with the hospitality I am being shown. Several people have given their time and resources to make my visit happen. This is a wonderful group of people who give of their time to help with issues worldwide.
Talk Radio hosts Rick Knobe and Ruth, at KSOO radio, did a great job interviewing festival volunteer Bobbi Waltner and me about the upcoming festival and my keynote speech to the community. Thank you for helping to get my message to others over the radio waves. This is one friendly town.

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  1. Bobbi Waltner says:

    It was wonderful to have you visit our little city on the prairie and to have you speak at the Minn-Kota Festival. Thank you for time and your message!

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