South Dakota, The Kindness State

July 23rd, 2010

7-23-10Rising early this morning I took an extra shot of caffeine, but being able to be interviewed by three radio stations was well worth the extra jolt. Bobbi, Shel, a local pastor and I did the around the horn at a complex of radio stations.
Bobbi talked of her passion of the Minn-Kota Auction for World Relief. Shel spoke about the Mennonite Central Committee and it’s involvement for the past 90 years in issues of those in need across the world. I, of course, spoke of One Million Acts Of Kindness.
The bookend to my day was being the keynote speaker to those who attended the opening of the auction this evening. I was thrilled that many people talked with me after my 45 minute talk and thanked me for traveling to this very important local event which helps people in need worldwide.
Thank you to the many people who have been so welcoming during my stay.
A picture of Bogart was sent to me as he anxiously awaits my return to The Kindness Bus.

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