Minn-Kota Festival, Sioux Falls, SD

July 24th, 2010


An entire community which comes together for the good of others is a pleasure to witness. Nine decades of ages, the very eldest of the group teaching the youngest by their actions. Most everyone in the group knowing everyone else by their first name.
Sandy Robertson, my initial contact this past January, was in charge of the children’s activity area at the festival. “Shaking in our boots to help earthquake victims worldwide” was the theme of the kid’s activities. Teenage kids designed and volunteered in the booths, which were adorned with boots, to raise monies for earthquake ravaged regions. These kids in this Mennonite community learn the importance of service at an early age. Steve Hopkins was my very generous transportation provider to Sioux Falls and was one of the very entertaining auctioneers during the live auction. Most, if not all auction items were donated for the sake of raising revenue. Bobbi and pastor Shel interacted with the attendees to the festival. I met so many friendly locals as I walked and talked my way through the festival. I sampled some of the local fare, including vatrenikje which proved to be quite addictive. These talented local artisans donated a combined tens of thousands of hours to make this festival a success. I was honored to be their guest. Many thanks to all.

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