Mennonite Central Committee, Sioux Falls, SD

July 25th, 2010

7-25-10Boots on the ground around the world for ninety years. The MCC is a faith based community which makes service to others, one of their most important principles. This organization is currently working to help the residents, of over 60 countries learn to help themselves, in order to live lives in which they can take pride.  Food, clothing and shelter are the most basic and urgent of needs provided after natural disasters. Education, infrastructure, micro-loans and farming are more long-term programs which are put in place for permanent growth.
Water, or lack there of, is generally the number one need. It is always a matter of dire urgency, especially when underground water tables can change because of an earthquake. Whole villages have to travel miles, in some cases, just for a few precious gallons of water. MCC has worked hard to always address the water issues in every way possible when their boots hit the ground after a disaster. This charity should be on your donor list.

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