Great Question, Sioux Falls, SD

July 26th, 2010

Trying to learn something everyday is a goal all of us can have to help our self improvement all life long. No matter how small of a lesson, one can take with them some bit of knowledge. Anyone can learn a positive lesson from both good or bad experiences, you only have to choose what you wish to benefit.
Staying in a community where service to others is a major priority, I was able to witness both young and old working to help others. There is a great deal one can learn from a caring community such as the Mennonites.
Here is a scenario followed by the question which was posed to me and I now relay it to you.
Close your eyes and think back over your life. Take as much time as you need to try to remember all of the events which brought you great pleasure in your life. Now, narrow it down to one or a few. **Stop! Do not look at the following question until you have taken enough time to complete the preceding exercise. Here is the question; Was the great pleasure you experienced from the event or events a result of you getting something or giving something?

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