“All of Us Sure Need to See You”

November 3rd, 2010

11-3-10Arriving at Riverside High School this morning, a woman at the light at the entrance across from the school made the above statement with a “thank you” at the end. It set the mood for the day. I went inside and found a very thrilled receptionist who took me to the two counselors’ offices. One counselor was busy with a student and the other on the phone, making me hope that one of them could find time for me. After 15 minutes or so I found great success and a promise for having the school get involved with the One Million Acts Of Kindness Week. When waiting takes longer than I like, I tell myself that there is a reason for the wait. The reason, I found, was in the school parking lot. Had I not had to wait, I would not have met Susan Davenport, a social worker who helps children in the county schools. The Kindness Bus stopped her in her tracks. With a few Kindness Certificates and stickers in her hand, you could almost hear her thinking out loud. A goal!! A goal for kids!! Hmm!!  One other great meeting, there were several today in the 14 schools I visited, was with Renee Boyd, Principal of Chocowinity Middle School. A well liked, dedicated principal, she listened to me while not missing a beat as to what was happening in the hallways of her school. I am impressed.
HJ MacDonald was one of the last schools I visited today. A local police officer who works at the school summed up, in one word, his opinion of some of the shortfalls he is seeing:  Parents.

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