High Level Meetings

November 2nd, 2010

11-2-10Staying at the home of John and Rorie Kerns of Virginia Beach, two new friends I feel I’ve known a lifetime, had a wonderfully, restorative aspect. Being able to walk the beach with the dogs on 2 beautiful, sunny days, does much to replenish the reserves in one’s tank. Bogart and the Kerns’ dog, Chewy, spoke “dog” to each other, as they ran the length of the beach, trying to determine which one of them was in charge of the entire dog kingdom. The Kerns have two girls, Halie and Kylor, who were thrilled to be able to write some very thoughtful messages on The Kindness Bus, one of them in kanji. Halie’s car is decorated in a similar motif as The Kindness Bus, albeit a little more sparingly.
Today, three friends of Kylor’s, Tristyn, Gretchen and Shannon stopped by the Kerns’ home. These 4 girls are involved in some wonderful school and Scout activities, spending their free time to do great things for those in need.
We had 2 casual, but very important, high level meetings, one by the bus where we discussed the opportunities the girls have to make a life-long impact in the lives they lead. We also discussed making some contacts within the Girl Scouts and try to dovetail One Million Acts Of Kindness with the service the Girl Scouts perform. Thank you Gretchen, for the contact information. Going indoors, Tristyn and Kylor, who are President and Vice-President at their schools are going to work on getting One Million Acts Of Kindness Week adapted at their school.
Meeting these 5 girls and seeing how much they are doing at such a young age is comforting to see how much this younger generation cares, and it says a great deal about the parents as well. Thank you to everyone for making my visit very memorable.

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  1. Rorie says:

    Bob and BOGART!!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! We loved having you! Can’t wait till you come back in the spring!!! Joyous journey and thank you for the INSPIRATION OF YOU, BOGART, and THE KINDNESS BUS!~ The kerns fam. and friends