Your Big Day and the Drive to Virginia Beach

November 1st, 2010

11-1-10A challenge for every individual; take one day in the very near future and dedicate every moment of that day to the goodness of mankind. Plan in advance what you wish to accomplish. Plan one big thing that you do all day or several smaller things you do all day. Remind yourself all day that every contact you have with another individual is with nothing but peace from your heart. Be the kind person we all wish to see in you.  Only see the beauty of others during this day, challenge yourself on this thought. Do something that is so far out of your box and let it become an inspiration to you. Let everyone you know, about your very big day before it takes place. The positive actions of an individual can have powerful, lasting effects…you are that individual…this is your big day.
Along my travels from Salisbury to Virginia Beach, including the hair-raising 23 mile long Chesapeake Bay bridge/tunnel, which is a white-knuckle ride in a bus of 20 years, I stopped at a dozen or so schools and talked with principals and guidance counselors. Richard Strautz of Arcadia High School was one of those counselors. In the 15 or so minutes that I was in his office, he had three other people needing his advice. Needless to say, he is busy beyond belief and the perfect man for the job. What he did at the end of the meeting amazed me. He told me he was going to give me a copy of a couple emails he had received. He didn’t know what I had written for the beginning of today’s blog, but it embodies the final sentence.
The emails, I will print in tomorrow’s blog.

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