An Angel Wrote on the Kindness Bus

October 31st, 2010

10-31-10I usually like people to ask for permission to write on The Kindness Bus and like to approve in advance what is written. There are now over 250 powerful lessons written in several languages. The most recent was written in a very short span of time, as it appeared as if on it’s own.
“Overcome hatred through kindness; judgment through acceptance; helplessness through comfort; prejudice through knowledge; suffering through peace;
loneliness through volunteering;
grief through the care of others;
greed through charity work;
self-promotion through humbleness; transgressions through forgiveness; Overcome anything through prayer.”

In today’s picture, Bogart looks like he could use a prayer about now!

3 Responses to “An Angel Wrote on the Kindness Bus”

  1. Jonathon says:

    Very powerful, i like it a lot. Keep up the good work.

  2. SaraSmiles says:

    Absolutely WONDERFUL! I’m borrowing this quote. So many ways to say it. Living it is beyond belief. I have the kindness stickers on my purse, suitcase, back of my jacket, the bumper of my car and wherever else I can stick one. This small act, along with the pledge on my wall, are a constant reminder of LIVING these principles. I was met with 3 situations in the last three days, where I could have reacted in “justified” anger or indignation, but because of my pledge, I turned those situations around into moments of surrender, teaching and joy. I passed on my story and the sticker to the three beautiful people who helped me have the experiences. THANK YOU for what you are doing and the impact it’s had in my life.

  3. Mary Jane Miller says:

    These are beautiful words to live by, maybe you could have these printed on cards and pass them out.
    It would be a great hand-out at the next parade.