Getting Domestic Violence Curricula into Schools

September 2nd, 2011

108 in septSchool is back in session and my travels on The Kindness Bicycle and Bus takes me past many schools. All schools will be on my radar along the tour. I have Kindness Certificates which I will deliver to principals which are in direct opposition to the Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse some school children witness in their homes. My puppet show which will address these issues without mentioning them is being created in my spare time and will be ready by the start of 2012. Today Nathan and I visited 11 schools to deliver kindness Certificates. I stopped at the Robinson Education Center which makes most of the decisions of what is taught in schools in Riley county, I’m hoping One Million Acts Of Kindness Certificates become something they approve for all of their jurisdiction.
Another day over 100 degrees, 103 to be exact, was looked forward to because it will hopefully be the last day over 100 that I will have to experience until well into next summer. Daily riding of a bicycle in the heat for such a duration of time was a struggle at times but the weather just around the corner is going to be the payoff.  Western Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California will be the states I travel through in the next 4 months. Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming.

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