December 14th, 2011

Marmalade 2I love Marmalade!! I love Marmalade on  my toast. I love Marmalade on my oatmeal. I love Marmalade and peanut butter sandwiches. I love Marmalade for everything. I now have a new love for Marmalade…for the Kindness Stickers.
There is a restaurant in Malibu called Marmalade; The nicest people work here. Barbara is the General Manager of this Southern California based restaurant chain and has a unique way to promote One Million Acts Of Kindness in Malibu. The wait staff is going to put Kindness Stickers on their check presenters they keep with them during their shift. What a great way for a restaurant to show to its customers how interested they are in kindness.
Today’s very short ride was in perfect California weather. I am getting positive response from everyone responding to the signs on The Kindness Bicycle. There is quite an interest in The Kindness Bus from the paparazzi as I make my way through these California coastal towns.

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