Ashland University

September 24th, 2009

169I arrived at Ashland, Ohio at about 1 PM.  I went straight to Ashland University and, as fate would have it, I found a parking spot as a lady was leaving, right in the center of activity around here, a very busy location.

.The bus, Bogart, and I seem to attract a crowd quickly.  Then Brian Wells stopped by.  Brian is also on the paper’s staff, and is president of Accent Public Relations, Ashland University, a school organization and he is also a writer for the school newspaper.  He gave me a lengthy interview and took at least a dozen pictures. He said he was going to meet with his group and find a way to make the Kindness project a permanent activity within the school.

4 young women then stopped to chat, 3 of whom have a 1 hour radio program on the school station.  They were going to make the Kindness project the subject of today’s show.  “Bob and Bogart, go see them.”

At the recommendation of one of the ladies, I proceeded to the office of Dr. John Stratton, who is the Executive Director of the Ashland Center for Non-Violence.  He graciously let me explain what the Kindness project was all about, given that I walked in totally unplanned and with my subtle 2 ft. by 3 ft. “One Million Acts of Kindness” sign.  He explained that his department is new and looking for things like this project.  He brought in a few more people to discuss it and asked me to return at a later date to talk and keep things alive there.  They will also put a Kindness project link on their web site.  This was a great meeting!

And lastly, I received a call from a young lady from Ohio State University asking me when I was coming to OSU.  I was really surprised at her question and I asked her how in the world she heard of me.  She said she found it through a Google search.  She would like to spend her career helping people and she came across my web site and wanted to talk to me about it.

Then she said within 5 minutes of reading the Kindness web site, she was walking through the student center and saw a Kindness sticker on someone’s computer… incredible coincidence.   She said she then created a sort of mini-Facebook site within her own Facebook site and she’s made “tons of friends on it already.”

This has been one incredible day, exceeding all my expectations.

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