Wooster Day 1

September 21st, 2009

On my way to Wooster, Ohio to pay a visit to the College of Wooster.  The rainy weather made me a little cautious while driving, and I soon realized I had an 18 wheeler right on my tail.  I pulled into a strip mall to let him and the rest of the traffic get by.  Within a minute or two, a man named Blair knocked on the door and asked what this was all about.  I explained what I was trying to accomplish and his reaction was, “Why don’t we see more of this?” He walked away with a sticker and the intention to spread the word. 

A minute later, one of the store front doors opened and a lady called out for me to come in for a cup of coffee.  The store, Thymbles, is owned by Chris and Dale Marty, and their employee, Linda was there as well.  We had a great conversation over great cup of coffee.  There have been some incredible coincidences on this trip and today was one of them. 

Normally closed on Monday, they opened today because this weekend is a quilting show in Chatauqua N.Y. where over 7000 people are expected to attend and they were getting ready for it all this week.  They then decided that a “One Million Acts of Kindness” quilt would be a great idea.  In fact, we talked about 100 limited edition quilts for the holidays.    It’s really amazing how contagious this project can be.  They asked for some stickers to pass out at the show and they wound up with 250. 

Chris and Dale also have a mailing list with over 3000 names.  Each month a newsletter goes out to the entire list.  They said that next month the letter will focus on One Million Acts of Kindness.  This whole thing has been unbelievable. 

On to The College of Wooster.   It was a bad weather day, cold and rain.  While having a coffee at McDonald’s, Kate, one of my friends from a coffee shop North of the University of Akron saw the bus and stopped in to chat for a while.  She invited me to attend a meeting on the campus on 9/22 on environmental issues.  I thought that was a great idea, I’m looking for ward to that. Also, she got a fresh supply of “Kindness Rocks” stickers, a very popular item. 

My son Alex stopped by to visit, always great to see him, we had lunch at a popular spot in Wooster, the rain chasing us inside. We chatted about the project, his activities and caught up on life in general.  I was very happy to see him especially since it’ll probably be the last time till December.

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