Wooster Day 2

September 22nd, 2009

This morning, while still trying to wake up, Jen stopped by the bus to see what it was all about. Jen is the manager of a store nearby and she said their parent company sponsors appropriate charities.  She thought One Million Acts of Kindness would be a great fit for them and she was going to bring it up at her next staff meeting in October.  What a great idea!  And the beat goes on.

This evening, I attended a talk on campus given by Nicholas Kristoff, a New York Times writer.  He spoke on the world’s issues facing us today.  I bought one of his books thinking it may help get his ear for a while.  It worked.  He listened to the Kindness project and thought it was incredible.  I’ll definitely read his book, “China Wakes.” 

I also met one of the assistant deans and she said it was perfectly fine to come right onto the campus. It’s interesting how campuses vary there practices on who has access to the areas. 

Kate, my coffee shop friend a few days ago, spoke about the Kindness project at a service in the Unitarian Church nearby.  In fact, 2 young women later came up to me separately to tell me about it.  Kate also brought a reporter from the local paper to interview me and take a few pictures.  That Kate is really something.  I’ll bet I talked to at least 400 students today.

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