Berea College

October 30th, 2009

Something very unusual happened to me today.  I pulled into the Berea College campus, and found a parking space!  Not just any parking space, but one close to a major intersection with tons of walking students.  I took this as an omen; this was going to be a good day. 

And sure enough, shortly after I parked and began to set things up, Alissa came out to meet me.  Alissa is the school’s Coordinator of Marketing.  She saw the bus, and was interested enough to find out what the Kindness Project was all about.  We had a nice discussion for about 10 minutes, and then two students came over who were in charge of the school’s blog.  We had a nice interview and they asked if I would mind if they published it in the blog.  I had to think about one nanosecond before I said, “Yes.” 

I was at that spot for about 3 ½ hours and must have talked with 800 students, a remarkable number for such a small school.  Beside the students walking, there was a lot of traffic, cars driving by waving and honking their horns.  After a while it got so busy the crossing guards (yes, they have crossing guards) had to put up a chain to keep the walkers safe.  These were super enthused students.  

Later, I went for an early dinner at the Black Feather Café.  As it turns out the owner is one of the crossing guards.  We had a great time, it’s a great place with lots of local food, and to top it all off, he bought my meal.   After that, it was time to go for a walk and give Bogart a chance to stretch those little legs of his.  Later that evening, I went back to the Black Feather and found a band playing, it was packed.  Bogart and I made more friends, talking to parents and students alike. 

Bogart’s outfits are getting a lot of attention.  My friend Nina Aviles in Cleveland made them for him and they really look great on him.  It was a nice day today, a high of about 70, so Bogie was wearing in his early fall ensemble, very fashionable pooch indeed.

One Response to “Berea College”

  1. Sam says:

    I didn’t get the chance to meet you when you were in town, but I have seen lots of you stickers around campus. This is a really cool thing you are doing. Keep it up!