Bogart and Man-o-War!

October 24th, 2009


This morning I drove to a horse park a few miles north of Lexington.  My daughter rode there for a while and it brought back many good memories for me.  At the entrance to the park is a large statue of the great horse, Man o’ War.  I had an idea to place Bogart strategically in front of the horse and take a picture that had the perspective showing Bogart winning by a length.   Bogie loved it!

I went for a walk handing out stickers, mostly the Spanish version of Sow Only Seeds of Love.  Most of the groomers are Mexican, so the Spanish version may help them understand the project a little better.

I went on to Lexington and the University of Kentucky.  There was a football game that evening, so the campus was gridlock most everywhere.  I never saw so many tailgaters.  I found a nice restaurant, O’Charley’s, to watch the second half of the game.

Late that night, when Bogart and I were more asleep than awake, we heard some kids talking outside the bus.  I could tell they were graffiti writers, I was too tired to get up so I figured I’d see what they did in the morning.  Next day I checked it out and it was all great stuff.  “I (heart) your bus” and the like.  I think I’ll leave it right where it is.

Tomorrow is Sunday, a day for laundry, emails, and letters.

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  1. Lori-Lyn says:

    Thank you for stopping by Transylvania today.