Otterbein Campus

October 3rd, 2009

I went to the Otterbein football game, which they won, 49-20.  That was really great since it put everyone in a good mood.  Bogart and I did a great job of working the crowd; I must have talked to 200 people there.   After the game, I went to the edge of the field to visit with more people.  Then Bogart started to run.  And run. And run.  Then on about the 40 yard line, He assumed the unmistakable No. 2 position.  Before he could do his deed, I whisked him off to an area across the track past the fence.  He wasted no time in fulfilling his need.  He has no shame.

Westerville has a great downtown  street of local shops and a lot of foot traffic. Bogart and I walked and I talked to many people who were very interested. Driving the Kindness Bus around makes it hard to not be noticed. It seems that before I can get the bus door open, someone walks up and asks me questions… I love that there is so much interest.

Later I went to a local pub in Westerville to rest and watch the Ohio State Football game.

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