October 2nd, 2009

I received an email this morning from Brian Wells at Ashland University.  He asked about ways to spread the word on One Million Acts of Kindness.  This is great!


I went into the campus and visited the chaplain’s office where I talked to the chaplain’s assistant.  They are involved in the Habitat for Humanity and I thought this is a good fit for me here. 

Then back to the town of Westerville where I set things up and talked to 50 to 100 students, families, kids, and adults. 

Bobby Green and I met for dinner. He is a wealth of knowledge, as he has traveled extensively as a speaker and entertainer. His advice is of great help to me. Bobby is one of those people, who after you meet him, you would swear that you’ve known him your entire life. He is a kind soul.

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