The Ohio State University

October 5th, 2009


I met Liz who I mentioned earlier, and we worked the oval on campus.  We must have passed out 1200 stickers. What a great response. While on the oval, a guy came out of one of the buildings wondering where all of the students were getting the kindness sticker. He is from POLENET, an Antarctica survey and research team which is part of OSU. After our conversation and not wanting to miss an opportunity, I gave him one of my Sow Only Seeds Of Love stickers to be taken to the research post on Antarctica. Now every continent will be represented.

Liz and her friends, Jim, Allison, Rachel, and Mikel invited me to dinner, a great homemade lasagna dinner.  There’s no way I would turn that down.  They went all out, complete sit down dinner with salad, garlic Italian bread and some extraordinary red wine. We had some great conversations, talking about what we can do to help and spread the word and the importance of finding our passion in life. They gave me some great input from their point of view, some ideas which I will use along the way.  Jim had a fun idea for making the map on the website more enjoyable. I am going to contact a teacher at Mayfield High School in Cleveland about doing this. They were very gracious hosts, making me feel welcome in their home. A million thanks to you guys. I’ll be getting them some Kindness shirts to wear during their travels.  Liz has a friend at the NY Times who she contacted about doing an article.  Bogart decided that he should run a few hundred laps around the table at the speed of light. Perhaps he was showing off to get someone to give him a bite of lasagna, I think I need to get him more exercise as our travels continue.  Whew, we thought he might wear through the carpet and we would all fall through the floor. Every time we get invited to somone’s home, Bogart seems to enjoy trying to not get us invited back. Before we shoved off, we took some great pictures in front of the bus. We even did a great version of O-H-I-O in front of the bus. I’m planning on finding a location on campus near the medical center tomorrow.

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