Urbana, Ohio

October 7th, 2009

I received an email from Mary Alice Casalina, who is involved in “Project Love,” a social effort in the Cleveland area for high school and junior high school students.  My buddy Bill Ryan sent my name to her.  She invited me to speak on November 17th at the Wolstein Center of Cleveland State University.  There will be about 2,000 kids attending the event from schools all over the region.  “Kickoff to Kindness” it’s called and it took me about a nanosecond to decide to accept her offer.  That will be great. 

I then left Columbus for Urbana, Ohio and Urbana University.  On the way I stopped at a coffee shop in Plain City where I talked to a grandmother and her grandson about the Kindness project and where it could lead.  The bus remains a real attention getter as we had a short, but really great conversation. 

I was on the campus for a few hours, passing out stickers and visiting a traveling Ben Franklin exhibit that just happened to be there.  Then it was on to Springfield, Ohio and Wittenberg University.

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