Marietta College

November 20th, 2009


The Kindness Bus rolled on campus in the early hours of morning. We thought we had best be legitimate on parking today. As we turned into the visitor parking area, it was obvious that I was going to be hard-pressed to find a space. As it turns out, today is a big day for kids to visit this campus with the hopes of attending this college next year. In the distance, a young man is waving for me to come his way. He had heard about One Million Acts Of Kindness coming to campus, so he saved a spot for me in the “Creative Parking Zone”. He even called security to alert them of my newly acquired laissez-faire parking status on this campus.

We arrived at the Free Speech Zone on campus, which is located on the mall. This is the main pedestrian artery. I am expecting a great day. David Travis, Director of Student Activities, and Greek Life, stopped by to make sure that everything was as good as could be. What a nice touch for a very busy man on an extraordinarily busy day. Today we reached a first; this has never happened previously, we were 400 for 400 in contacts with students. Every student I had contact with was open to the message. One other thing has started happening as well. Students on campuses have been telling me that they have already heard of One Million Acts Of Kindness. This is starting to get very cool.

Today I had the honor of meeting so many people involved in so many great passions. Carrie, a young woman from Parkersburg, West Virginia has a father who tells her every day, not to forget to do kind acts for others. What a powerful role model this young woman has. What a great daughter you have, Carrie’s father. In the short conversation we had, I could tell how proud she is of you. Amanda from Bowling Green, Ohio is involved with AmeriCorps VISTA program, had nothing but praise for the Kindness Tour. She was so into the message. Ali from Athens, Ohio gave me the hot spots on the Ohio University campus to visit, as this will be my next stop. Before Bogart could jump into the Blue Bus, Mary Jo from the Advancement Department of Marietta College stopped by to thank us for visiting. The two women working at the Chlapaty Café on campus get a big wag of the tail from Bogart for the treats. A big dose of Southern Ohio hospitality was showered on The Kindness Bus Tour today.

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