Marietta College/Ohio University

November 21st, 2009

1122091314Today was to be a light day of interaction with students, with travel to Athens, Ohio for the next few days. It also afforded me the much needed time to plan my itinerary for the remainder of the year. When you drive a vehicle like the Kindness Bus, you never know what’s in store.  It’s like you are always in a parade. I suppose I should get the hand wave thing down one of these days. Before I left Marietta in the early afternoon, I must have had conversations with twenty or so people. Most were parents of children in the Marietta school system.  One parent who has children in lower school asked if I could speak at her children’s school. Another woman asked if I could address the High School regarding bullying issues. I hope I am able to get back to this area after the first of the year.

On recommendation of Ali from Marietta College, I headed for Court Street in Athens. She should work for the Chamber of Commerce, as she was spot on. There were kids everywhere. What a big hit the bus was, parked on a very busy street corner, near campus in Athens.  Bogart and I went for a walk in the College Green entering through the College Gate. We arrived back at the bus a half hour later to find a young man named Scott, standing in awe of the sight. He had a huge interest in the Kindness Tour and told me some great ways to live life. He is wise beyond his years.  A little later in the evening he tracked me down and gave me a book he had read. He instructed me to pass it along when I am through with it. Thank you Scott. While walking, a young woman said, you must be Bob and this must be Bogart.  This beautiful woman named Quadia, is from Delaware, the state, not the city in Ohio she said. She spoke as if I were saying the words. We agreed on every point we discussed. I invited her to write a My Comment page for the website when she has time. I can’t wait to post it already. She is a journalism major and a little creative writing is always welcome.

I walked toward the bus late tonight, from a couple of blocks away I noticed a large group of kids taking pictures of the bus. The Kindness Bus has now reached paparazzi status. First it’s Bogart, now it’s the bus. Works for me.

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