New River Valley Region, Virginia

November 27th, 2009

1126091349aJonathan Webster and his wife Donna came to the rescue when I expressed a desire to help in the community in honor of those affected by the Virginia Tech tragedy. This place has a special meaning for me and I am happy that my itinerary changed to put me here over Thanksgiving weekend. Today Bogart and I worked on the parsonage of the church in which Jonathan presides. Bogart, wearing his red and black striped, hand knitted winter woolens, tried to un-do everything I tried to do. Bogart has also taken to chasing blowing leaves when there is a lack of squirrels. If he wasn’t so dog gone cute….

Having eight sisters in my life has many benefits, as I handcrafted a homemade wreath out of indigenous foliage complete with wild berries, to be hung in Jonathan’s church.

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