New River Valley Region, con’t.

November 28th, 2009

1128091152bThis morning Bogart and I drove to the Red Cross donor center in Blacksburg to donate blood. There were no fewer than twenty people who honked and waved on the way and about the same returning. It helps that Bogart sits on the bed staring out the window to get their attention. This New River Valley Region is the friendly capital of the universe. Even a group of Harley riders waved while stopped at a light. I’m thinking a One Million Acts Of Kindness emblem would look great on their leather jackets. As I entered the Red Cross donor center, I was met by nearly the entire staff. Blood donations this time of year really drop off, especially the weekend after Thanksgiving. I told them I would mention it in the blog to try to generate interest. I was treated to cookies, cake, and a latte’ after my donation. Just what I need after a nearly four thousand-calorie day on Thanksgiving. Before we left in the bus, we stopped at a Farmers Market just around the corner from the Red Cross. I was able to talk to several families about the goal of One Million Acts Of Kindness. I love talking to kids while they are with their parents. It’s amazing to me that a guy with a bus gets such great interest from kids. We passed out over fifty stickers today on this “off” day. And… once again, Bogart was the big draw.

The Kindness Bus Tour has had the good fortune of having Carilion Medical Center “back forty” as it’s base camp for the last few days. Today at the medical center, while helping to make the children’s playground area safer, I realized what beauty the Virginia countryside offers. From the bus, there is a 270-degree view of rolling farm country with livestock and a tapestry of late fall fields in various stages of harvest, as far as the eye can see. I just have to remember to take the time to enjoy it.

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