Kindness Bus/Kindness Sleigh

November 29th, 2009

1129091255Often wondering about the much-anticipated return back north for Christmas with my family for two weeks, I was hoping that in some way the actual drive itself could have meaning. Little did I know that the meaning would be found at the bottom of a box buried in the un-used storage area of the bus. Most colleges close, at the very latest, in mid-December leaving a weeklong drive of only miles of frozen pavement between Atlanta and Cleveland. Until that is, I found the box. Buried under some sweaters in the box was a Santa Claus outfit. I am sure there must be dozens of hospitals, on the sleigh ride north, that would just love to see a dressed up Bogart with Santa Bob in tow, come in the door to their hospital rooms to visit the children. I cannot wait to see how Bogart looks as a reindeer… The kids will love him!!

This morning I had the honor of talking to the congregation at Jonathan Webster’s church about The Kindness Tour. One word describes the congregation, family. They come together for the good of the community and are deeply involved in each other’s lives. Jonathan’s passionate sermon was the moral compass in which direction they should live their lives. We had a lunch afterwards and we got some great photos of many in front of the bus. The stickers were a big treat.

*** Revised Itinerary;  With hopes of somewhat warmer weather, we have decided to take a route which is south of the Appalachians. The following is the next seventeen days or so ; Virginia Tech, Radford University, Davidson College, Johnson C. Smith University, Belmont Abbey College, University of SC Spartanburg, Furman University, Clemson University, University of Georgia, and a few others. We then convert the Kindness Bus into The Kindness Sleigh.

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