Belmont Abbey College

December 16th, 2009

1216091610bWhat a friendly group of students and staff. Before I could get out the door of the bus, I was met with a compliment, “I love your bus and its message”, were the kind words spoke by Professor Ed McGee. He was about to ride off on his motorcycle and was happy that our paths crossed. The students still on campus since yesterday’s last final were eager to know of The Kindness Bus Tour. I must have heard no fewer than ten times during our visit, “Is that your bus I saw in the parking lot”. Inquiring minds wanted to know. Steve and Tasha, who work on campus at The Holy Grounds coffee shop, loved the thought of someone taking an initiative to start a kindness movement. They were very complimentary as well. Being that finals finished yesterday and the campus was empty of the majority of the student body, I gave several stickers to each student, to pass to family members and friends over the holidays.

David, a restaurant supervisor in Belmont, stopped by while I was writing this blog, he could not stop smiling as we talked about the possibilities of the good that could come from this grassroots effort spreading across this country. We looked across the dining room of his restaurant and wished in our hearts, for all the good that could possibly come to each and everyone in the room. He was still smiling as we parted and said, “You have one more fan”.

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