Huntersville, NC

December 17th, 2009

1217091430aReba Henry, who I met in a Belmont restaurant during my morning coffee, had already gone outside and had to come back in to find “Bob”. She talked about how things have changed and was quite emotional in expressing her hopes for a return to kinder times. She said she is going to spread this message to everyone she knows. Her Sunday school is first on her list. Cathy, a restaurant manager, told me of all of her young employees and how much pressure is on them to help their families, by working to pay bills. She is going to get her employees and other managers involved in One Million Acts Of Kindness. She has the respect of so many of them, as she helps in every way she can to make their lives easier. It still amazes me as to the number of people who approach me during the course of the day to express their support of The Kindness Bus Tour.

Swine Flu is prevalent in every state in which I am traveling. I was hoping to visit Children’s Hospitals on my travels north, but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Only relatives and close friends are being allowed in to most hospitals, no casual visitors. There are two hospitals I called, which have even eliminated their regular Santa. Ho Ho Hum. And just to think, Bogart was good to go, sporting his “Dasher” outfit. The Kindness Sleigh is currently trying to outrun a major snowstorm coming out of the Gulf. A total of twelve inches of snow is supposed to fall on Virginia, but very little snow a few hundred miles to the north. We have a Santa and “Dasher”, command performance tomorrow morning for the Little Angel Day Care at the Carilion Medical Center and then dash off to the north…On Dasher, On Dancer…Go Bogart Go.

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