Will This Be Your Starting Line?

January 18th, 2010

What would it take, for you to dedicate the rest of your life to a charity? Having a tragedy like the one in Haiti is inspiring millions of us to want to do something. Half of us say we will give money to help the cause. It is a much-needed resource, which will provide revenue to purchase necessary life saving essentials. Most of us are torn by not being to be able to do something first hand. Some of us will do something life changing about it. Most of us will not. It usually takes an event, a big event, for people to decide to dedicate their life to charity work. Will this be that event for you? What will you witness out of this tragedy that will reach your very core? The images and voices you witnessed on TV were those of a person crying out to you. Start that journey of living a life of doing for those in need today. This is your starting line.

2 Responses to “Will This Be Your Starting Line?”

  1. Earl Shoop says:

    My “starting line” was when my youngest brother, Ricky, was killed on a Minnesota highway in 1969. It was life changing in a number of ways, and took decades to work through to the point of having even a fuzzy idea of how to proceed.
    Now, things are beginning to come together. The website and blog are venues for sharing ideas on ways to improve traffic safety, and my Zazzle store is a way to distribute bumper stickers and t-shirts that encourage folks to drive gently and kindly.
    If we regard “road peace” as a step on the road toward “world peace,” imagine how many acts of kindness each driver might achieve each day!

  2. Earl Shoop says:

    PS- To see what that leads to, please visit:


    As you might guess, “kindness” plays a big part.