Oglethorpe University

February 25th, 2010

Bob and Bogart

“We were supposed to meet”, were the words spoken by Cleo, a Presidential Fellow on this University. She became my tour guide as I walked the grounds. She introduced me to some very nice students involved in all sorts of charitable work, both on and off campus. I was particularly impressed with their Center for Civic Engagement department. The service, students perform in the local community shows how deep the passion for charity is, on this campus. Every student on this campus was thrilled at the thought of performing one million acts of kindness. We made contact with fifty students today, and left another hundred stickers for others who would be interested in the message. Bogart and I visited the campus museum to view the Matisse exhibit, a wonderful selection of sketches and poetry. While at the museum, I was in awe of Nicholas Roerich’s, Banner of Peace, which was on display. Kathie was helpful in photographing me with Bogart, in front of The Peace Banner for today’s photo for the blog.

  This evening I was lucky enough to stay at the home of friends from Cleveland, Michael and Susie, who have been living in Atlanta for the past several years. We went to a very nice benefit for The Alzheimer’s Association and talked to many people about how an awareness of kindness can help everyone. While at my friends, Bogart was able to have the freedom of running non-stop with their dog, Malley. I think Malley secretly wants to join Bogart on The Kindness Bus Tour, a modern day version of Lady and the Tramp. Big thanks, to Michael and Susie

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