Emory University

February 26th, 2010

Emory University - cropped

Cynthia came into the parking lot we were parked in, at the entrance to Emory. “I needed to see something like this today, and here you are. The world needs this so badly”, she said. She has plans for One Million Acts of Kindness, it sounds like something very nice. This campus is impossible in terms of trying to find a place to park. I drove around for visibility talking to students as I could. I finally settled for a place off campus which had high visibility. I chose correctly. I received a very nice email from the President of the Student Government Association, Alex Kappus. He told me of a great organization which was created on this campus by some students, three years ago, its website is www.thesynergymovement.org  Alex has plans for us networking in the future. I met many people, both on and off campus. I was able to attend the Emory Wind Ensemble in the evening with a local, talented writer named Roxanne Ivey. This was a very friendly and helpful campus.

One Response to “Emory University”

  1. Roxanne Ivey says:

    Dear Bob,

    It was such an unexpected pleasure to meet you and Bogart last week at Emory! I hope the rest of your time in Atlanta went well, and as promised, I’m enclosing a poem of mine that I think perfectly suits your present adventure.

    In Joy,
    Roxanne Ivey


    My heart finds its home in roaming,
    For home is more a feeling than a place;
    It’s in every face whose grace greets mine–

    In the slightest trace of a child’s smile,
    In the laughter bubbling through wild eyes,
    Or the sacred stare of love in disguise–

    It is you and I, holding hands across time,
    Flinging hope into the heavens,
    Sipping starlight like wine.

    ~Roxanne Ivey