This Should Be On Your List

February 11th, 2010

I have been to over fifty colleges during the six months of The Kindness Bus Tour. Virginia Tech should be on the list of every prospective student. Everyone is so engaging, from the student body to the professors. Friendly is an understatement, when it comes to describing the mood on campus. Even in the most inclement weather, everyone went out of the way to help one another. Virginia Tech is one of the leading institutions of learning, for creating an awareness of service towards others. These students are involved in so many great endeavors.

Today I interacted with over 700 students and faculty. It was a big day to say the least. Many of the students remembered me from the two previous trips to this beautiful campus. It was a very cold, windy day and being parked in front of the student center gave me the option of getting warm inside the building as needed. Even in the bitter cold, students took the time to stop and talk. As my day began, Casey, a student from NoVa, came to the rescue with a large hot coffee. We had some caffeine- fueled conversation. Sarah showed up with a hot chocolate twenty minutes later. Thank you for helping to keep me going guys. Sophia, who is a member of the Students for Non-Violence Club, loved the idea of One Million Acts of Kindness. She took a stack of stickers on her way to their meeting. She loved the fact that this movement started because of the tragedy of three years ago, and the positive impact it is now having. I had such a great response from everyone I met today. It was a very good day. Thank you to everyone.

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