Please Don’t Leave

February 12th, 2010

0212001010As I was packing the bus for the afternoon drive to Clemson, a female student at the top of the stairs to the Squires Student Center requested that I not leave the campus yet. She said she loved seeing the bus on campus. I usually get everyone’s name, but I am so sorry I did not get hers. The Head of Event Planning, Kevin Ayoub, and his student volunteer, Alex Ong, extended my visit to the campus, with the extension of parking privileges this morning. Event Planning saw to it that the Kindness Bus was able to cozy right up to the stairs to Squires. I went in their office to thank them personally, and left with a very cool Hokie T-shirt. The perks never end on this friendly campus.

I was on campus for only a couple of hours but made great contacts in the short amount of time. Most everyone is sleepwalking at eight in the morning on college campuses, including yours truly. Cori, a student, was thrilled at the possibility of One Million Acts of Kindness becoming popular across the nation. She left with a few stickers for some of her friends. Jeremy, who works in the Graduate Life Center, was equally thrilled. He and I had a nice conversation about him spreading this message far and wide. There seems to be a common denominator with everyone I meet…everyone is ready for a kindness movement in this country. I am ready too.

On my drive to the Clemson campus, I stopped at The Little Saints Child Care Center to drop off some canned goods for their celebration of One Million Acts of Kindness Week. A big thank you to the staff, the parents, and all of the children. Karen Myers and her staff totally rock‼

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