Valen-Kinds Day

February 14th, 2010

0213001507How fitting to have the first annual One Million Acts of Kindness Week come to a close on Valentine’s Day. Kindness and love are interchangeable, really one in the same. A day, which should last all year, and a week, which should last your entire life. I received several emails today; one was from Sue in south Texas. She said it wasn’t by mere chance that she discovered One Million Acts of Kindness on Valentine’s Day. For her it has larger meaning, as she has been looking for an outlet of expression of service. She is on her way. This entire weekend there were an inordinate amount of people who wanted to talk to the guy driving the Kindness Bus; I am having a blast doing this. Thank you to everyone.

Bogart and I have been re-charging in the Clemson University region. Bogart went for a huge explore in the Botanical Garden, we made contact with hundreds of students, and re-connected with people we met here a couple of months ago. Kelly and John have been a huge help in our visit here this time, providing a warm place to sleep at night while the temperatures drop into the teens outside. The bus gets just a little too cold on nights like these. Tomorrow Bogart and I will be on the Clemson campus and then we head to the University of Georgia in Athens. We will visit nine colleges in Georgia in a little over two-week’s time. Somebody turn up the heat

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