Wanting More for Our Fellow Man

February 15th, 2010

The first One Million Acts of Kindness Week was the launch pad for some great things on the horizon. From pre-school  children, having a book drive to help solve illiteracy in the New River Valley region of Virginia to hospice care workers across the country taking part in spreading kindness to their patients and families. Families and schools all doing more for their fellow man than they had ever done before. This is the foundation for one who then chooses to embrace the goal of performing one million acts of kindness in one’s life. Curriculum is being designed for all age groups for year number two. I am indebted to all who helped with lending their energies to this cause. Thank you.

  Today I creatively parked in front of Riggs and met over four hundred students and faculty on the Clemson campus. Brian raced over to say hi and wondered what I was doing back on his campus. He and I met in mid-December on my last visit. A student named Marge, who has a Boston terrier named Wilson back at home, just had to pay a visit to the Kindness Bus. Parking services passed by the bus a few times without incident; I was parked in a delivery zone…I was delivering stickers. While having a late lunch at a local restaurant, Cathy, Amy and Ryan said some of the nicest words about my cause. Their generosity was a big help to the Kindness Bus Tour. Tomorrow I have an interview before I head out to the University of Georgia for a few days. Bogart may soon be as popular as Uga.

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