Mercer University

March 1st, 2010

Bogart on a lap

Spring Break is right around the corner for colleges and the Kindness Bus Tour has yet to make it to the Florida border. Yikes!!  We pulled into this central-Georgia campus and were approached by dozens of students; half wanted to see the bus and the other half wanted to meet Bogart. I am finally getting used to this reaction. After the initial crowd dispersed, we were instructed to the location of today’s photo, a picture of Bogart and a seated, Jesse Mercer, a new supporter of One Million Acts of Kindness. Danae and Tiffany were happy to cross the campus to meet Bogart and learn of our mission. Today’s visit was brief but impactful to the students we met.  

  During the course of this past weekend, we made contact with over two-hundred people as we traveled about. Everyone wants to know about this mission. Everyone wants to be a part of this mission. While enjoying a rare quiet moment, I was asked by two high school students if I would talk to their group. I was thrilled as I made my way outside to see a very large McDonough Presbyterian Church bus filled with anxious high school students. I love the spontaneity of this mission. Thank you for the invite to talk to your group.

One Response to “Mercer University”

  1. Erin says:

    You are a wonderful human being with a great deal of wisdom you are only too happy to share. Many safe and happy travels to you and Bogart. Please keep the posts coming- they are vital ingredients to creating a peaceful and kind world!