Port St. Lucie Kindness

March 31st, 2010

Bogart - animal hospital 3-31-10Bogart’s body language says it all. “Let me go back on the bus, I’m in perfect health.” I couldn’t drive by this animal clinic without taking a picture of Bogart in front of the sign. We visited the staff and are now convinced that the clinic is named after them. They are now on board to spreading the message of One Million Acts of Kindness to their customers.
With the new addition of a puppet show to The Kindness Bus Tour, I decided to talk to people who are in “the know” with what works with young children and equally important, what doesn’t. My first visit was with the Port St. Lucie Fire Department. The information I was provided was invaluable. It was here, that I decided that one of the shows should include a few words about fire safety. A lieutenant from the Fire Prevention Public Education Department was kind enough to call to share her knowledge. I now know that the terms; Stop, Drop and Roll, and Stay Low and Go will be used in the puppet shows. I also visited the local library to talk with the children’s librarian. I learned a long-time children’s librarian had recently passed. From talking with the staff briefly, they shared with me how thoughtful and caring she was with the children; those two words resounded with me. What a great woman this community had in her. I am planning on talking with educators in the next few days. This should give me a well rounded understanding of what will work in the puppet shows. Youtube here we come.

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