April 1st, 2010

Bogart in blanket 4-1-10Arriving back to the bus after getting some double strength coffee, Bogart wasn’t at the door to greet me as is usually the case. My heart dropped when I didn’t find him in his kennel or covered with half the bedding from my bed. With Bogart, one must make double sure that the door to the bus is completely closed when leaving. I also need to make sure that he doesn’t sneak past me when leaving the bus. Bogart never comes when you call his name, he barely will even look your way. I did a quick look out the windows and didn’t see him. It was then I heard a noise from the closet area of the bus. I quickly made my way to the rear of the bus, there was Bogart, laying on a small pile of clothing that had fallen off a shelf. The look I got from him was priceless, it was as if he said April Fool’s Day!! I’m almost 8 in dog years, he needs to stop or he’ll be driving me to the emergency room.
Today I started the plans and bought most of the materials for the puppet show set, more about this in tomorrow’s blog.

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