South Beach Spring Break

March 23rd, 2010

Bogart in a chair 3-24-10Somebody’s sitting down on the job and it isn’t me. I took one look at Bogart this morning and decided on some much needed R&R. I said to myself, why not head to South Beach? Heading through Hollywood, a beautiful community just south of Ft. Lauderdale, I received an email from Jennifer Sandomir, the publisher of The Hollywood Gazette. She said she was sending a photographer out to capture our visit to Hollywood. Jack Siriani showed up to capture our visit, he was completely about the message of kindness. On our way to SB, a police car pulled behind me with his lights on. What?? He’s motioning me to pull over the Kindness Bus. My mind started racing, what had I done? Apparently, I didn’t realize that I had left my emergency flashers on from parking in the street for the picture taking in Hollywood. He let me off with a thanks for the work I am trying to accomplish. He left with a stack of stickers for the police department. Thank you officer.
Arriving in SB, I was able to find a prime parking spot right on Ocean Drive, not wishing to miss an opportunity of such a big crowd in the area of The Kindness Bus, I decided to work today. I met some unbelievably interested people wanting to volunteer making this a very good day indeed. So much for R&R.

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