Hollywood, Florida

March 24th, 2010

Bogart in Hollywood  3-25-10We spent the morning hours in South Beach before heading to Hollywood. The paparazzi were out in force early today, The Kindness Bus was their main focus. More pictures were taken of The Kindness Bus than the beautiful Art Deco architecture in this modern day seaside mecca. One thing about this place, they sure love their dogs. Bogart was a big hit with everyone. No surprise here.
Hollywood is a gem on the east coast, small town atmosphere with amazingly friendly people. We headed to the beach and found more of the same. There was a group of about ten people who couldn’t believe they were seeing the bus they had read about in their AARP newsletter. The word is getting around in a big way. Hollywood has an unbelievable beach which is tucked away at the terminus of many short lanes. Being away from campuses allows me to be able to talk with all sorts of groups. One of my favorites is talking with parents and their children. The children connect with the messages on the kindness bus and Bogart holds their attention while they enjoy learning the meaning of the messages. This is why I do this.  By days end, I talked with over three hundred people, including several families.

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