Tennis and Lunch and Delray

March 25th, 2010

Bogart 3-25-10No trip through South Florida would be complete for me, without calling my friend Jack, to play a quick game of tennis. I decided to play hooky for a few hours, and do just that. What a good call this was. The tennis was good, the laughs even better and seeing a familiar face is a welcome sight when one is on the road. The day is never complete by just playing tennis, Jack always insists on making lunch a part of the festivities. This could quite possibly have been the best lunch of my life. Without going into details, there were a number of very interested parties who loved the potential of this mission and what promoting this mission means to everyone. The possibility of a kindness movement that sweeps across this nation is becoming more likely with each passing day.
By the time I got back to the bus, it was already 3:30, making a campus visit out of reach. I decided to park the bus in a highly visible spot on a main street in Delray, a village by the ocean as to how it is referred. We are getting our money’s worth from the money spent on the parking meter, in a little over three hours thus far, over four hundred people have passed by the bus taking time to read its messages. I have talked to at least fifty people, one is even arranging for me to talk at his daughter’s school. I’ve decided to stay three more hours. Another good call!

One Response to “Tennis and Lunch and Delray”

  1. I was one of those people. Took a ton of pictures of the van and love your concept. Sorry I missed you and your dog, we were there around the same time. I am down from NY visiting my parents and happened to be taking a walk to the beach when we saw the bus. Great concept. Would love to know more and bring this to our school district.