Mentoring and More

March 26th, 2010

This blog is dedicated to those who have decided to pay it forward to the next generation. When an individual gives of one’s self for the betterment of another, an interesting dynamic takes place; the individual being helped, usually ends up helping others in the future. This method of paying it forward is the basis of altruism. Charity from the heart can cause great things to happen by positively affecting all parties involved. By stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to look for opportunities to do good for others, creates an environment in which great things can occur. Making time in your life to hand down meaningful experiences to those younger than you, will teach them, so they can be proud of what they can then give in return; giving them an educational foundation on which they can build a better life for themselves. Say to yourself, “Who can I help today?”… say this everyday.  Make a future possible for someone who can use a “hand up”
Early this past week, I had an invitation to speak to students at Lely High School in Naples, Florida. This offer would not have happened, be it not for the mentors and students of this High School. A group of eight professional retirees, who have all the tools and experience to facilitate that “hand up”, are focused in making a
dream of attending college after high school, a goal worth working towards for eight students. These eight students, will be the first in their families to ever attend a college or university. The mentor’s wish for students to succeed is what drives the program. The mentors give of themselves with want for nothing, except to see the students succeed, that in itself is the reward. Giving back to others, is what many retirees are opting for in ever-increasing numbers. There are great things on the horizon for eight students because of the caring hearts of eight mentors.
A very big thank you goes out to Peg Reale, all the teachers, administrators, and students at Lely High School. Eight very dedicated students worked to make my visit very memorable, eight big thanks.  The Mentors and More program, made up of eight talented individuals, was instrumental in making my visit happen, I am honored to have been asked, thank you so much. Judy and Duncan rolled the “Red Carpet” from my door to their’s, this was a huge act of kindness. Thank you to all.

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