Delray Weekend

March 28th, 2010

Bogart 3-28-10This is the kind of weekend I love, wall to wall people. Delray was filled with people of all ages, needless to say, I decided to stay. I set up shop at a great little spot called Coco’s, where the passers-by had to queue through a gauntlet of well-behaved dogs, sitting with their owners at this sidewalk cafe. For three days, I was able to meet some of the greatest people from all throughout the country. All had different stories to tell, all with the same want for the world. I love to talk to families with young children. The lessons that I impart may have meaning to them in their futures, nothing can be more important for them to learn from all of us. Two teachers, a principal and a school board member, all shared the concern of a need for a respect for one another among students. The environment in which children are having to learn is becoming more hostile; the two don’t mix. The lessons aren’t being learned at home, the teachers stressed. Sounds like it is time for Bogart and The Kindness Bus Tour to try to work some magic… If it only were that simple.
The local residents of Delray, bent over backwards to make our stay memorable. Many went out of their way to help the cause. Andi, a local shopkeeper was so thrilled with The Kindness Bus Tour, she is now one of our kindness ambassadors. The managers at Bostons put me up for a couple of nights, even the local fire department were kind to let us stay overnight. The firemen, work with kids in school as well, and were excited about my mission. Bohdan, a local resident contacted his friend, a professor at Rutgers about our mission. His friend Professor Bopel talks to his class about kindness every day. Shaun, a young man in his twenties, was very considerate in sharing his life beliefs, he is wise beyond his years. I encouraged him to share these stories with teenagers every chance he gets. I could probably talk about one hundred individuals that I met this weekend, that’s how good it was.
Bogart had more competition from this dog-friendly town than any other we have visited. I think every breed recognized by the AKC was represented this weekend; all of them spoiled equally.

One Response to “Delray Weekend”

  1. Rachel says:

    So great to have met you in Delray! So cool to have all the Cleveland and Delray connections with you and my friends and family! Bogart made our evening while we had dinner. Glad so many people were nice to you. Keep on going!