North to Haddonfield, NJ

April 23rd, 2010

My fast-track, six day, twelve hundred mile drive to Haddonfield NJ is nearly complete. The bus is not a fan of long distance travel. Two hundred miles per day is about all I can ask of this bus. I spent the day designing all of the backstage features to The House That Kindness Built puppet show. This was more complicated than I would have guessed. Creating the script was actually the easiest part. I don’t have the voices yet but will work on this over time. The benefit for Mia Strobel, a beautiful 7 year old who has been battling cancer half of her life, will be the dress rehearsal and world premier all rolled into one. This show was specifically created because of this benefit, it is the most important undertaking of The Kindness Bus Tour to date. Is it correct to tell oneself to “Break a leg?”

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